Molds and assembly machines for pharmaceutical and medical

A constantly evolving market, always looking for innovative solutions and reliable equipment, capable of ensuring the highest quality even after many years of production and reducing maintenance actions to the bare minimum.

GEFIT’s working method entails a rigorous control on every single steel component and the very careful respect of the tolerances and technical specifications demanded by the medical branch.


Preserving the characteristics of a medicine is the main aspect sought by companies active in the pharmaceutical packaging market.

Over the years, GEFIT customers have relied on the company’s expertise to build moulds that combine the stringent quality requirements of this market with the high robustness and reliability of the production equipment.


The perfection a plastic component used in medical, diagnostic or laboratory contexts requires cannot deviate from the choice of a high-quality mould.  GEFIT work in this specific domain entails a careful choice of the best steels, the selection of appropriate surface treatments as well as a constant attention to detail, both at the design phase and during the moulds’ construction.

Thanks to a cutting-edge range of machine tools, the moulds made at GEFIT are fully compliant with the strict tolerances required by the technical specifications of this branch.

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