Aimed at the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, GEFIT M&A constitutes the only international player in the market that combines the manufacture of moulds for thermoplastics with the manufacture of high-output and extremely accurate assembly cells, this way turning itself often from simple supplier of machinery to real partner of the customer in the study of the product.



GEFIT recently purchased two of the most powerful tools on the market, Autodesk Moldflow Insight and Autodesk Nastran, in order to improve the pre-design phases...

Gefit and the school

Gefit joins in multiple activities organized by and with the school world, aimed at sharing knowledge and at increasing mutual skills, such as the "Industriamoci" and "School-Work Alternation" projects...

Suzhou office new opening

GEFIT SpA, for over 50 years the world's leading company in industrial automation, thermoplastic mould making and high-speed assembly machines manufacturing, is now pleased to announce the setting up of a new subsidiary office in Suzhou...

“G” for GREEN - Sustainable packaging

The entire manufacturing world participates in the global challenge for a more sustainable development of plastics. Careful studies are analyzing the entire life cycle of the products, for a real comparison of environmental costs and impact on the ecosystem...


From concept to product

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