Robotic Assembly Cells

Gefit designs and builds custom made assembly machines, with different technologies according to the application type required by the customer, with index and pick-and-place robotic rotary tables with a productivity of up to 48,000 pieces/hour, or electronic rotary assembly platforms with continuous movement, high speed and production rate, integrated by modular workstations, inspection cameras and vision systems for quality and dimensional checks, leak testing or flow testing, equipped with the most modern hardware and software systems.

All machines designed and produced by Gefit are equipped with energy consumption measurement systems that can be viewed directly from the human-machine interface and designed with the aim of achieving high energy efficiency and production, but with low power operation.

The integration of anthropomorphic robots allows the creation of flexible automation platforms, which allow the performance of various operations, from handling to handling and assembly, from cutting to welding, from silicone valve drilling to liner insertion.

Not only assembly machines for plastic or multicomponent caps and closures more or less complex for the food industry, but also products such as dispensers for cosmetics and soap pumps, perfume spray caps, closures for personal and household care products, medical connectors and various pharmaceutical devices and closures for laboratory analysis.

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