1967 is the year GEFIT (Gruppo Engineering Fornitura Impianti e Tecnologie, i.e. Engineering Group for Supply of Equipment and Technology) was founded.

In that year, in a small apartment on the suburbs of Alessandria, a few engineers coordinated by the one who would later become President of the Company until 2013, when he passed away, took on a pioneering adventure combining their technical skills with the ambition of giving life to an innovative project.

In a well underway industrial context aimed at the production of plastic closures, which went on at the same time, and which showed the natural destiny of the mechanization plants necessary for production, it was decided to capitalize on one’s skills in the field of industrial automation.

In those years, many of the assembling processes that we know today as automatic, were instead carried out manually. The will to offer better quality solutions and the contextual development of the automotive industry were key factors in the success of the company.

The years that followed were marked by important goals achieved in the name of quality and commitment, with a strong vocation for internationalization that led the company, over time, to establish the current four sales & service offices and four production sites in America, Asia and Europe.

Pietro Zavattaro founder


GEFIT, controlled and managed today by the second generation, is a landmark in the industry of automation and supply of moulds and assembly machines, with cutting-edge design and production, equipped with the most modern hardware and software systems.

GEFIT makes diversification and internationalization two key elements of its strategy, technology and sustainability its flagships, thus ensuring stability, virtuous contamination of experience and geographical proximity to its reference markets.

The group’s activity is organized into two different Divisions: “Automation” and “Moulds & Assembly“.

The Automation Division designs and builds assembly lines mainly for automotive components, by assembling complex components, integrating sophisticated control systems and often accompanying its customers from prototyping to production.

The Moulds & Assembly Division designs and manufactures moulds for thermoplastics, used to produce relatively complex closures and components for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors and high-speed and precision assembly machines for plastic components.


Our job is complex, yet our mission is simple: to accompany our customers in the realisation of their industrial project, to follow them on the path of healthy, ethical, robust technological progress over time, providing valuable technological input.

Our aim at GEFIT is to lead customers towards the growth they expect, while respecting each other’s identities and the reality that surrounds us.

We’ll have achieved our goal if we have been able to stand by our customer during the difficulties of launching a new product, if we have been able to anticipate possible product or process criticalities – and implement together the appropriate technical improvements for the realisation of their industrial project.

We are consistent with our Mission when at the end of an order a new piece in the path of technological advancement and development of the respective sectors has been laid.


The strategy for the future is based on four main areas

  • Research and development:  keep on combining ART and SCIENCE, as GEFIT has been doing for over fifty years. GEFIT can boast of collaborating with leading research organisations and the world of education at all levels. These partnerships continue to be strengthened and the positive spin-offs will be spread across the various applications in the Group’s plants.
  • Internationalisation. GEFIT’s global presence has undergone important developments in the recent past, while new operational bases are being set up to increase proximity to our customers and guarantee an increasingly widespread service, pursuing a path that boasts long-standing origins and has led to the current four sales & service offices in America, Asia and Europe. The consolidation and expansion of GEFIT’s presence in key areas of the industry worldwide will therefore continue.
  • Young people as a synonym for talent: GEFIT invests in relations with schools and internal training to guarantee a transfer of know-how from senior figures, who did contribute to the company’s history and success, to the juniors who will ensure continuation thereof, while enhancing the company with fresh and innovative content.
  • Specialised diversification: Thanks to its two divisions, does the company stand for a virtuous example, since diversification, that contributes to its solidity, is combined with specialisation, that makes the company become a solid benchmark for its market.



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