GefDrive Plus

The revolution of the traditional assembly concept housed in a platform of high innovative contents.
The Plus model, evolution of the older Gefdrive, combines the flexibility and motions typical of the indexing technology with the speed of the continuous motion machines.

Perfect for handling the assembly of two or three components, this model can reach up to 50,000 pieces per hour.

Call for proposals PRISM-E / MIVIS Project

With the MIVIS project, in collaboration with the University Politecnico of Turin, GEFIT has set itself the objective of creating an intelligent handling and articulation system interpolated by an artificial vision device aimed at performing extremely complex assembly cycles with the utmost precision and reliability.

The results of this research will definitely bring, within a global market context in tune with Industry 4.0, a significant improvement in terms of better performance, predictive maintenance, vision and digitalisation, energy efficiency, a boost in the use of digital technology, and a reduction in the physical footprint.

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