Molds and assembly machines for Home & Personal Care

Where precision blends with innovation.

Design and aesthetics are the hallmarks of this sector, where the look of packaging even ends up characterising and defining a brand on the market.

In parallel with the creation of the means of production, GEFIT works alongside the customer, when necessary, to optimise the product with the aim of improving the moulding cycle.

Home Care

Design and safety are the hallmarks of household hygiene products.

These closures require robust and effective technical solutions, just like GEFIT traditional or electric unscrewing systems, designed to maximise production cycles and reduce maintenance time.

Personal Care

The objects that accompany our usual daily activities must be user-friendly, handy, and safe, even though technologically complex.

That is why GEFIT activity is not limited to the manufacture of modern and efficient equipment but passes through a close working relationship with its customers.

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