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Discover our wide range of technical solutions for the Medical & Pharmaceutical fields

Gefit moulds detail strip

Despite the pandemic that has shocked the entire world, the Alessandria-based company has continued to grow, recording important figures, also thanks to the many pieces of equipment manufactured and supplied to customers operating in the medical field.

At the Fubine Monferrato plant, home to the Moulds&Assembly division, a large number of multi-cavity moulds have been designed and built for the production of test tubes, vials and, more generally, articles that will be used in this delicate phase of the fight against the COVID-19 disease.

The pressing demand from this sector has found GEFIT to be the ideal partner, thanks to its wide range of technical solutions. The injection moulds are designed and manufactured to achieve increasingly high performance cycle times, also through the use of electric drives and motors instead of traditional oil systems: all this makes them particularly suitable for operating in specific medical environments or in clean rooms, where cleanliness, speed and precision are key elements of the production process.

The same characteristics are also found on GEFIT brand assembly machines, traditionally synonymous with quality and reliability; in fact, for many years now, all index platforms have been built entirely on an electrical basis and are equipped with software and systems capable of guaranteeing total and constant process control.

Each system meets all the requirements for working in controlled environments, where strict protocols are applied in terms of choice of materials, cleanliness, and technological solutions.

Gefit assembly machine detail spindle