Productivity + Low energy consumption + Reduced surface area


Production is important. A strategic choice is more critical today to remain competitive in a global market.

Gefit’s way of working is a circulating innovation process. Support customers’ ideas with the best solution.

Productivity, occupied area and energy consumption have a great leverage effect on business growth.

The innovative GEFDRIVE PLUS assembly machine is the concrete interpretation of the multiple needs highlighted by the market.

Facts about GefDrive Plus:

Productivity: pick-and-place assembly up to 48,000 pieces per hour – multi-component assembly – quality controls: leak testing, flow testing, welding, coating, camera inspection, etc.

Overall area: the occupied overall area is reduced by up to 1/3 compared to the space needed for traditional assembly lines to achieve the same productivity

Energy consumption: up to 65% less energy consumption with the same productivity. As the rational use of energy has become an important factor for competitiveness, a rational approach to energy efficiency is the key factor for production equipment.

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