G for GREEN – Sustainable packaging

Gefit Packaging green

The entire manufacturing world participates in the global challenge for a more sustainable development of plastics.

Careful studies are analyzing the entire life cycle of the products, for a real comparison of environmental costs and impact on the ecosystem of different materials, and they show how the use of recycled plastics significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Among the objectives are the search for new materials, but also the increase in separate collection, recycling and circularity of PET.

For several years GEFIT has been dedicating significant resources to research and development activities on “green” materials, bio-plastics, bio-degradable and compostable resins.

In collaboration with its customers and suppliers, Gefit also focuses its efforts on minimizing the weight of packaging, thus limiting the consumption of material, costs and environmental impact.

Gefit’s efforts are also focusing on “tethered cap” closures to prevent the irresponsible dispersion of plastics in the environment.

Gefit is able to provide turnkey packages, thanks to a wide range of specific technical skills in the design and manufacturing of moulds, assembly machines and vision cells for quality control. Gefit assists its partners right from the component tuning phase, with the aim of optimizing the production cycle.

The new frontier represented by alternative materials and bioplastics involves continuous in-depth study in the sector of injection mould design. The commitment to researching and testing increasingly high-performance steels and heat and surface treatments has allowed Gefit to successfully use new resins with important results.

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