Flexible Gefdrive – GEFIT Creativity & Know-how on Customer Service

One of the most important players in the cosmetics packaging field decided to rely on GEFIT know-how and professional skills to find the best solution to his problem.

We are talking about the request for a versatile, high-speed assembly machine equipped with a top-level quality control process: the right answer to this request was GEFDRIVE, a machine which perfectly met these requirements.

Thanks to the Research & Development of GEFIT Assembly Division, we got to the realization of an extremely flexible and totally reprogrammable electric rotary table with a mechatronic handling system, which fits to the many production needs the market keeps on requiring.

The component’s features, however, did not allow the use of the so-called standard feeding systems. This led GEFIT, first, to search and find on the market the most performing feeding system, then project how to perfectly integrate it in its machine.

This integrated system is made up of a robot-assisted vision system: the components are put onto the conveyor, wherein the combined shake-and-feed motion makes the parts being distributed in a homogeneous way. Here the vision system checks the components presence, and detects their position, leading the robot to pick up and orient the part, which is then placed onto the transport fixture to feed the machine.

The parallel operation on two belts with dedicated cameras and robots, makes it possible to satisfy the GEFDRIVE demand for pieces. This way, the Customer request for an output of over 6,000 pcs per hour can be met by combining the production rate with an extraordinary flexibility to handle a multiple variety of products in the smoothest and quickest way.

Once again has GEFIT turned out to be the right business partner:

“Your Global Partner”!

Flassibile Gefdrive
Flassibile Gefdrive