GefData: remote control of industrial machines for molds and assembly machines

Checking the progress of the machines in the workshop, from any corner of the world, is possible thanks to “Gefdata”. The software, designed and developed by GEFIT engineers, enables the monitoring of the assembly machine performance.

The new application can be installed, at the customer’s request, on all the assembly machines produced and allows each user to check the machine performance in a thorough analytical way.

The new GEFIT software enables authorised operators to monitor the plant’s production performance exhaustively.

The undeniable advantages of GefData are represented by the possibility of being able to manage and optimise one’s own working day, even and above all when away from the workplace. You just need a smartphone and connection to the internet, and you’ll be able to check the production data of your machine with absolute precision, shift after shift, week after week.

The new GEFIT software allows the enabled operators to check a large number of data, such as the amount of waste produced by the assembly line or the alarms that have caused a machine-stop and the reasons for each individual stop.

GefData can cross-reference the single data and create a Pareto diagram, to highlight and graphically represent the most significant elements of the analysis and, when necessary, implement rapid and effective solutions.

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