Unscrewing System

A simpler unscrewing system, that has less technical complexity to be managed by the operators during the production process and also enables to reduce the cycle time of moulds for closures having particularly long or deep threads.

After a careful research and development phase, Gefit is pleased to introduce its new unscrewing system that will make possible, whereas the plastic component geometry allows it, to say goodbye to traditional rack systems.

Once the study and design phase has been accomplished, Gefit manufactured a 2 cavities pilot mould that enabled to test ad finally validate the new system functioning. As a final step, the company produced the first multi-cavities mould with this new solution, already patented by Gefit.

We’ll be happy to present you our new system more in detail; to fix a meeting with our commercial department or to visit our plant please call us at +39 0131 792817 or send an email to mouldassembly@gefitmail.com