Sprayers under control.

Technology and cameras for a perfect quality.

Vision cells, equipped with sophisticated and precise control systems, represent one of the many applications developed by Gefit, the Italian company  known and appreciated for its production of injection moulds for thermoplastics and high speed assembly machines.

One of the systems developed by Gefit in its premises in Fubine, Alessandria, is based on the ceaseless research of the utmost quality. In this specific case we refer to a vision cell for quality control of sprayers, having three different diameters, particularly used for perfumes, deodorants and cosmetics in general.

This machine can process about 65.000 pieces per hour, checking and relieving all kinds of defects due to the molding process or the incorrect assembly, according to the customer’s different sprayers models, also having a colored cover.

The heart of this equipment, which includes feeder, conveyor and wheel for components loading, is in the two main stations.

In the first one, a system with 10 cameras makes a 360° control, then checks the whole component surface.

At the same time a further quality test is made, aimed to verify the presence and the proper position of the sprayer inside the insert, as well as any possible defects.

In the second station the machine carries out an internal inspection of the sprayer, with a pericentric point of view, developed thanks to the experience acquired by Gefit engineers, together with its supplier, in optics selection and development.

In case if the product has a cover, its colour and proper assembly are checked, together with the diameters quality; therefore, the components with ovality problems or other defects are rejected.

In processing sprayers without a cover, the vision cell is programmed to carry out only the latter control.

As mentioned above, the production output is about 65.000 pieces per hour.