Gefit cares about the health of its employees and continuously implements a series of interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of over 400 employees, through the organization of training programs, facilitation of language courses for children, supplementary health care funds.

The company also provides fresh fruit and water for free, offers a quality canteen service in cozy and comfortable common areas, as well as undertakes everything possible to meet the needs of individuals and try to mantain a positive climate at the workplace.

Gefit has always taken on concrete commitments to people, not only inside the company but also in the territory in which it operates, such as the promotion of collaborations with students and charitable activities.

The company has recently launched a campaign aimed at its employees with the precious collaboration of the Volunteer Nurses of the Italian Red Cross of the Alessandria Committee.

It includes weekly meetings, planned for the measurement and recording of blood pressure, and an analysis focused on risk factors that can have a negative impact on health, thus raising awareness about the importance of screening to prevent cardiovascular complications.