Best Performance Award 2022/2023

The Best Performance Award is an SDA Bocconi initiative that aims to reward the best companies that create economic, technological, human, social and environmental value by operating in a sustainable way.

The Best Performance Award is the annual award, now in its sixth edition, dedicated to Italian companies that stand out for their excellence in sustainable development in respect of the human and environmental dimension (Green & Social), of innovation (Innovation & Technology) and economic management (Value Added).

There are five awards assigned with a common thread focused on corporate welfare and the tools that are adopted to meet the needs of employees; three size categories: Small, Medium and Large Company.

About 600,000 companies were examined. Of these, 1400 virtuous ones were identified and a further selection was made, reaching 96 companies. Of these 96 that had access to the final phase, 19 finalist companies were selected, among these GEFIT was positioned among the top 6 in the Best Performing Medium Company category.