Virtual FAT to never stop your activity!

The restart of activities brings important news!

In this phase of overcoming the emergency induced by COVID-19, it is necessary to find new solutions to meet the needs caused by the pandemic, while waiting for everything to turn out the way it was before.

This is why GEFIT has successfully completed its first online test: thanks to the use of cameras and a permanent connection, customers were able to actively participate in the FAT of a machine while remaining in constant audio-video contact with GEFIT technicians on site.

In this way, it was possible to keep performance under control and communicate with GEFIT in real time, with complete and total remote interaction and no impact on previously agreed schedules.

A winning experience that, for this reason, will also be extended to mould testing until the situation is finally back to normal.

Customers simply downloaded an app on their device not only to follow every operation on the machine in real time, but also to interact directly and request specific actions from the technicians.

And that’s not all! Thanks to the use of special smart glasses equipped with wearable earphones, it will be possible to break a new frontier: GEFIT will be able to provide customers all over the world with an innovative remote assistance service complete with audio and video, leaving the operator on site completely free from movement to put the instructions received into practice.

In short, while waiting to meet all its customers in person again, GEFIT remains at their side with new services and constant technological innovation.


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