Gefit and the school

Gefit joins in multiple activities organized by and with the school world, aimed at sharing knowledge and at increasing mutual skills, such as the “Industriamoci” and “School-Work Alternation” projects, up to collaborations with universities, including the Polytechnic of Turin, one of the most prestigious Italian and international institutions in training, research, technology transfer, in all engineering sectors.

Gefit, with both Automation and Molds & Assembly divisions, is present in our everyday life: today there are no cars on the road that do not have at least one of the component assembled by our lines or a pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food product, as well as there is not a drink that does not have a closure or a cap made or assembled by one of our systems.

In this constant connection with reality, Gefit has always aimed to be close not only to its customers around the world, but also to support its territory and the professional growth of high school students and technical institutes. In this perspective, the company offers them the opportunity to get in touch with the world of work, helping them to orient themselves in their training path.

Riccardo Zecchi, CEO of the Automation Division, describes the relationship between the company and the world of education: “In this confrontation and dialogue, in which we believe, the company indicates the needs of a constantly evolving context; just think that today we are experiencing what is called the “fourth industrial revolution”. The experience with the “Volta” institute goes in this direction, through a continuous exchange with the professors. We have been extremely satisfied with the inclusion of students in previous years, who have shown to be independent in this field in a short time. Even this year, despite the period of extreme uncertainty, we have included seven recent high school graduates in our staff. ” The boys found different professional positions, from design to mechanical assembly, as 3D designers and software, PLCs and robots programmers.

“The Group philosophy has always been to look to the long term and this year we have decided to invest in the most important resource for the future: young people”.