Virtual FAT to never interrupt your business!

The resumption of activities brings with it important news!

In this phase of overcoming the emergency caused by COVID, it is necessary to find new solutions to meet the needs caused by the pandemic, waiting for everything to return to how it was before.

For this reason, GEFIT successfully concluded its first online testing: thanks to the use of cameras and a permanent connection, customers were able to actively participate in the FAT of a machine… remaining in constant audio-video contact with the technicians GEFITs present in the factory.

In this way it was possible to keep performance under control and communicate with GEFIT in real time, with complete and total remote interaction and without impact on previously agreed planning.

A winning experience which, for this reason, will also be extended for mold testing until the situation has definitively returned to normal.

Customers simply needed to download an app on their device not only to follow every operation on the machine in real time, but also to interact directly and request specific interventions from the technicians.

And that’s not all! Thanks to the use of special smart glasses equipped with wearable earphones, it will be possible to break down a new frontier: GEFIT will in fact be able to provide customers all over the world with an innovative remote assistance service complete with audio and video, leaving the operator on site full freedom of movement to put into practice the indications received.

In short, while waiting to be able to meet all its customers in person again, GEFIT remains at their side with new services and constant technological innovation.

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FAT virtuale per non interrompere mai la tua attività!
FAT virtuale per non interrompere mai la tua attività!