Restyling time for the GEFIT research and development area

Work continues on the construction of the new R&D space in the headquarters of the Molds & Assembly division, which will be ready after the summer.

A part of the new premises, characterized by special graphics designed and created for the occasion, will be used to accommodate the projects currently being studied by the Alessandria company, such as the new fast assembly platform which will be launched on the market in the coming weeks .

The heart of the renovated area, created in a special closed space separated from any other company room, will be dedicated not only to purely internal needs, but will also be oriented towards the very rich and varied R&D activity that the company carries out for its own customers and which precedes or follows in parallel the construction phase of each new machine.
Access to each individual area will only be allowed to dedicated engineers and, obviously, to the customer who will visit the Fubine plant to follow the progress of the works.

An important step that projects GEFIT into a new phase of its growth process and enriches the already extensive catalog of services that distinguish the company on markets around the world.

Area ricerca e sviluppo Gefit