Multicavity injection molds

Behind every successful project there is always a great teamwork.

This is true also when the key players are two different Teams, from different Countries, but joined by the European Union flag and by the excellence of the products they propose worldwide.

Gefit, the group from Alessandria that in 2017 is celebrating 50 years in the business, confirms its leadership in the injection molds market. A role built day by day, on a strong base of values and experiences and always with a specific goal: to be able to listen and understand the customers’ needs and to turn them into reality, working only with the best suppliers and, when necessary, carefully evaluating and looking for the most reliable partners.

Such a case is one of the latest projects born in the Moulds&Assembly Divisio, in the heart of the Monferrato: it’s about three multicavity injection molds for production of PET blood tubes that will be working on three injection molding machines from e-motion Engel series.

Gefit will be the main technical interface with Engel, to concretely build a cooperation that will lead to a complete system, developed and tested together by the two Suppliers before the final delivery to the end Customer.

The PET blood tubes market is constantly expanding worldwide: the transition from glass to plastic, which has obvious advantages in terms of cost and transport, requires high quality of the equipment used in the production process.

Thanks to the experience built in recent years in this specific and relevant field, Gefit has decided to renew the cooperation with Engel: so the three molds, all 48 cavity, will be tested both in Fubine and Schwertberg headquarters before being delivered to the customers. Obviously all molds will work in clean rooms, two in Europe and one in Asia.

Gefit stampi multicavità