Gefit has chosen to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary focusing on its main resource – its employees, gathered together with their families during a special evening.

Overall, Gefit group counts more than 350 employees, split in the two Italian plants (in Alessandria and Fubine), and in China (Dalian), USA (Detroit), Hungary (Tatabanya) and in the commercial offices.

With a company turnover 40% increase in the latest 10 years and a foresight of 70 milions for the current year, the future, at least in the short-medium term, will certainly confirm Gefit leader position in the achieved technologies, both for Automation Division and for Moulds&Assembly Division.

The Company supports research, development and innovation projects, that enable to present always new solutions on the market and to provide clients with a wide range cooperation approach.

During their speeches, the two Divisions CEO have highlighted how Gefit has been growing during the latest years, which have been featured by creativity, competence and innovation.

Internationalization, spreading of the designing and manufacturing activity in 3 continents and “global thinking” – these have been the engines of this growth, so that today, after 50 years from its birth, Gefit is  known and appreciated all over the world and has a large and prestigious customer portfolio, thanks to a coherent vision and to the people that have been working in the company, cooperating in bringing the name of Alessandria in the world.

Gefit, Your Global Partner