Gefit innovative approach to your products.

Study and continuous improvement of the plastic component are the base of the daily activity of designers and product developers.

The final target, when  a new product has to be launched on the market, is always the same and every time it’s a new challenge: to present a component which is as innovative and functional as possible… with special attention to its aesthetic features, so as to meet the appreciation of even the most demanding among consumers.

It’s exactly in the middle of this hard work that sometimes the cooperation between producer and mould maker becomes an essential condition to close the product development phase to the best. And it’s in this delicate stage that Gefit confirms its role among the leaders in the mould makers market.

The company from Fubine, since many years has developed a completely innovative approach, starting from the analytic study of plastic components,. to support the customer in the personalization of his own product.

Thanks to its high-specialized team, each new project at Gefit moves from a detailed mould flow analysis, in order to study and check any possible issues which may occur during the injection moulding process.

The benefit of such an analytic approach is simple and very important at the same time: to check that the component produced with the mould fully meets the customer’s expectations and more, anticipating any possible critical issues which may appear only in the validation phase. In that moment, most of the times, it’s too late to take action.

The dynamic simulation for the component study during the ejection, together with the Fmea analysis, aimed to investigate any potential future risks, are part of this process during the whole design phase.

All Gefit moulds are 3D designed, including the cooling channels which have a basic role to define the final cycle time; furthermore, each single steel component assembled in the mould has a unique and specific code, so as to guarantee the maximum precision in the dimensional control, quality in the manufacturing activity and traceability for the customer.