Gefit: designing and manufacturing of a complete line – mould & assembly machine.

A mould and a machine to fold a sealing ring and check the product quality.

Two different equipments to be tested, but only one partner to talk with and find solutions, optimize the process, and finally reduce the project production time.

This has been Gefit philosophy for many years and was recently put into effect in designing and manufacturing of a complete line, including a mould and an assembly machine.

In this case the product is a revolutionary closure for hot filling, which for the first time is made of a single component. With no inner valve, tightness is provided by a special double sealing ring and also by the particular geometry, achieved through the cooperation between Gefit and its client.

After developing and optimizing the product on a pilot tool, Gefit produced a 48 cavities mould, for this flip-top cap with automatic closing system.

The project was then completed, in the same premises, by the manufacturing of a machine for folding of the sealing ring, which also carries out a 360° control of the closure quality, having an output of 20.000 pcs/hour.

It’s a full-electric platform, where the folding phase is operated by a linear motor.

Gefit engineers competence has also allowed to fulfill a sophisticated visual control system, that enables to check extremely precisely all the client’s requirements, from the dimensions of the closure inner elements to the cavity number.

Gefit progettazione e costruzione impianto completo stampo-macchina