Gefit Assembly Machine. Syringe made of four different components

A particular assembly process, with high technological contents.

The new machine made by Gefit is intended to the medical packaging market.

At the end of a thorough designing work and product engineering, carried out in close cooperation with the customer, the appreciated manufacturer located in Fubine has finalized and completed a new structured and important project.

The product assembled with the Gefit machine is a syringe for veterinary use made of four different components, all of them produced by means of moulds bearing the brand of the company based in Alessandria, that will soon celebrate its 50th birthday and is fully active in different packaging sectors.

The 2-up assembly machine, with index technology, has been developed on the successfully proven and appreciated Gefdrive table, fully electric. The versatility of this special rotary table allowed to maintain a top-level cycle time, despite the simultaneous handling of different operations, including a fluid dispensing system and some angular orientations, accomplished by means of brushless motors.

The dosing of a special reagent on the syringe’s piston, which is followed by a thorough drying before the component’s feeding on the main rotary table, is one the most important stages of the entire assembly cycle, mainly for the specific medical properties of the product.

Both these operations, which are essential for the correct use of the syringe by medical operators, have been made on special stations outside the machine.

Gefit produzione macchina per assemblaggio siringhe
Gefit produzione macchina per assemblaggio siringhe