All Gefit technology at the service of cosmetics.

The latest equipment built in the plant of Fubine, Italy, is dedicated to the assembly of a top-of-the-line product for beauty and body care.

It’s a complete platform, designed and realized to handle components characterized by very specific geometry, colour and materials, selected by the final customer.  Just like the fascinating cosmetics industry requires.

The machine, designed by Gefit engineers, can assemble a particular dispenser made of four components, two of which provided already assembled and placed in thermoformed containers. The containers themselves are moved by automatic conveyors belts. It’s a 6-axis robot, equipped with a complex double gripper, completely designed in the same plant, to feed the first two components.

All other operations are carried out by a full-electric rotary table whose main features are flexibility and possibility to add and operate different controls: quality inspection by cameras, with a software that allows the utmost customization for the machine user, but also flow rate and leak test.

The assembly cycle is completed by a scara robot, thanks to which the final dispensers are automatically located into another thermoformed container, so as to provide the final customer with products smartly and tidily prepared for the final filling phase.

Gefit tecnologia al servizio della cosmetica