GEFIT S.p.A. Plastics Division has been producing moulds for over 40 years, primarily for the following products:

  • Plastic closures
  • Caps and closures
  • Push pull closures
  • Flip top caps
  • Doy pack

The Moulds & Assembly Division, is the only player in the world that matches the manufacturing of injection moulds for thermoplastics with the production of assembly cells and assembly machines for plastic components with high and very high production output.

Food packaging
in the packaging for food Gefit produces molds for flexible packaging closures, spirit caps, mineral water caps, soft drink caps, sport caps. All this plastic moulds are produced with the utmost attention to quality and safety, features that have always distinguished our company.

Cosmetic packaging
in the packaging for cosmetics Gefit offers every kind of caps and closures, plastic caps and plastic closures and also cosmetic boxes and packaging, all produced with style and precision.

Pharmaceutical packaging
in the packaging for medical Gefit offers every kind of medical closures, cap closures, plastic caps, child resistant closures and packaging for medicines, designed and manufactured with great care and precision, characteristics that make Gefit a leader in the field.

Gefit sets itself as a partner in the study of cap or packaging before the mould is manufactured. It is thanks to this peculiarity, that Gefit may be described as a partner supplying ideas and technical solutions even more than, and before, the industrial commodity itself.

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