The Moulds & Assembly Division designs and manufactures moulds for thermoplastics employed for production of a variety of components, from the food & beverage field, to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, as well as high-speed assembly lines and machines for plastic and multi-material components.

Not only closures do the Gefit M&A moulds produce: the expertise developed during these fifty years, and the natural predisposition to meet and shape the customer expectations made it possible to work out technological, project-tailored solutions for any request.  

In addition to caps for water, jars, oil bottles, anti-choking closures for children drinks , caps for medicines, sport caps, push - pull, flip top or doy-pack, closures for cosmetics and for personal care or household detergents, spray and much more, we can also find different products like coffee capsules, candy containers, medical filters and connectors, syringes, blood tubes, preforms and various types of packaging.

As a matter of example, among the latest born at GEFIT “home”, we have a set of moulds for production of hanging WC cleaners in PP, with 5 housings each cavity.

The twelve-cavities valve-gate has dowels in common with groups of two cavities. The mould alignment and the precision of the moulded product are guaranteed - as for all GEFIT moulds - by solid support elements, by linear centering of the plates, as well as by centering elements at the cavity level. The mould has been equipped, in correspondence of the critical closing points, with replacement- and maintenance-friendly inserts. 

The mould flow analysis performed by the Technical GEFIT Moulds Staff, and shared with the customer, did bring to the optimization of the critical parts cooling, this way improving the cycle time which was supposed to be obtained at the beginning of the project.


We will be glad to show you our range of products. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone, or send us an e-mail, for an appointment with our sales consultants, or for a visit to our production premises.

T: +39 0131 792 822  


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Headquarters and Registered Office: Via De Negri, 9 - 15121 Alessandria - Italy

P.IVA/VAT Number 00418680062

Stock Capital: Euro 9.000.000,00 (fully paid-up)
Company Registration Number 5387 - C.C.I.A.A. n.93677



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